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SD001 - German Courses for employees of HU

Spracheninstitut Linguarama
All teachers are native speakers from USA, UK or Australia.

Es gibt noch freie Plätze zu diesem Termin.Termin 1:
03.06.2024 bis 09.08.2024
This appointment is reserved solely for employees who can provide official justification and have pre-registered by Spachenzentrum HU!
will be coordinated with the group
Registration deadline 17.5.2024
Wartelistenplatz ist möglich.Termin 2:
04.09.2024 bis 06.11.2024
either Wednesdays or Thursdays
Registration deadline 31.7.2024
Join our German courses! Our courses will support you in your daily life in Germany and help you to communicate effectively and professionally in German at work.

The German trainers focus on those topics that are relevant for you at your workplace, e.g., small talk with colleagues, important phrases for telephoning and e-mailing, or just finding your way in the city. Practice your fluency and expand your vocabulary. We will help you to learn German with a practical and fun approach.

Prior to the course we will carry out an online test and an oral needs analysis by phone to establish your current level of German and find a suitable group for you. The course content will be a mixture of daily German and general Business German and there will also be a possibility to incorporate your own ideas and wishes.

Group size: Small groups with a maximum of 3-5 people for an intensive learning atmosphere

Level: Open to all levels (beginner to advanced), groups will be set up based on the levels of the students and registrations

Course format: Virtually, via WebEx, once a week; course times are usually between 16.00 and 18.00, either Wednesdays or Thursdays; if the whole group agrees, alternative course times may be possible

Course length: 10 weeks

Course starts: Ca. mid-April - June 2024 (Registration deadline 1.3.2024) and ca. September-December 2024 (Registration deadline 31.7.2024)

Online Support: Each learner will have access to the online portal Linguarama Connect “Living and Working in Germany”, with exercises on an elementary level for grammar, listening and vocabulary, as well as quizzes and games etc. (access for 12 months)

For further questions and registrations please contact Ms. Schimansky-Geier.