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xxxMA004 - Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg)

  Marshall Rosenberg’s “Language of Life“, his concept of Nonviolent Communication, is a key to get in touch with oneself and others. Conflicts in private or working life can be seen and handled differently by following Rosenberg’s model. However, Rosenberg suggests not only four easy steps to communicate differently; he invites people to try a new approach towards the concepts of „wrong“ and „right“ and to question one’s systems of valuing and judging. To communicate at eye-level is only possible if we know our own mindset; reflecting on our needs and feelings can be the first step to create a balanced relationship with others. Communication with others works much better if an inner clarity is established in beforehand. For this aim, nonviolent communication is a wonderful tool to use. In the class, you will learn and experience the Rosenberg model and use it on your own examples. How can I find ways to communicate with others in a “better“ way? How can I have an exchange on eye-level?

Nonviolent communication offers a structure to be able to address others and stay in touch, even if it gets difficult. Beyond judgement, needs and feelings become visible and offer an approach to our ability to act and to relax even in moments of distress.