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WE001 - Advanced Thesis and Paper Writing

20 Stunden
110.00 EUR
55.00 EUR
Based on authentic British and American materials, this training course gives advice on, and provides practice in, writing PhD theses (doctor’s theses), articles, papers, lectures, research reports etc. in English.
A look is taken at both the language to be used, and the traditions to be followed, in writing such materials; the structure to be adhered to; and the techniques to be applied - in both English-speaking countries and throughout the world. Course members are invited to write brief passages of their own and have them discussed in class.
The course takes participants through all the sections of a written piece (title, abstract, introduction, review of literature, materials and methods, results, discussion, and conclusion).

In an informal and cheerful atmosphere it draws attention to grammatical devices and general vocabulary typically employed in each of those sections. Specific needs and issues can be addressed.

Level B1/B2